Future Apps

This is a space for educators and Developers to bounce ideas around.
Educators: What Apps do you want for your classroom? Large, small. Any OS or a very specific platform.
Developers: Looking for an idea? Can you help produce an App for a ready market?

Developer interest
James McEnaney
E-Poetry App
I would like an app which allows me to create poetry resources for classes.
Specifically, I would like to be able to input a poem, and then embed a range of
materials and resources such as: notes on specific words, phrases and
techniques; contextual information such as images, videos and websites;
discussion prompts and textual analysis questions.

Роман Мешко
Я хотів би додаток із вивчення фізики. На кожний клас анімована книга і цікавими завданнями та схемами. Також із додатком біографій вчених та історії винаходів